Something’s Brewing!

We’re so excited to usher in 2017 with a new food menu that we’ve worked hard on. We’ve carried on our focus on quality and placed that classic VXX touch on some dishes that’ll be familiar to all of you. There’s our personal favourite – an EGGS BENEDICT, paired with delicious smoked duck, poached eggs, house hollandaise, and shallot hotcakes; a PULLED BEEF BOWL, with baby potatoes and lemon brown butter sauce, hiding under a bed of crispy kale; our take on fried rice – SPICY SEAFOOD with FRIED WILD RICE, parmesan tuile and tarragon; and the super hearty CONTINENTAL BRATWURST with creamy porcini mash and sauerkraut.

We know there’s always going to be room for dessert as well, so we’ve created a tasty DARK CHOCOLATE PUDDING, with burnt butter cream and cherries.

Right now, we’re super busy preparing for the Barista Competitions that’ll be taking place in March. Rudi, our head barista, and Joy, co-founder of VXX, are participating in the Brewer’s Cup and the Barista Championships respectively. We’ll be adjusting our operating hours, 9 am to 6 pm daily, until our dinner menu for the 1st quarter of 2017 is finalised. Till then, if you see us in the shop but the gates are closed, drop in to say hi to our competitors. Who knows, you might even get to taste some of our coffees and check in on the action!

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