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About VXX Co-operative

VXX Co-operative is a coffee bar, with an unerring focus on quality, from the curated list of roasted coffees sourced to the simple, fresh and seasonal food menu. Founded by Joy and Aslam, 2 coffee professionals who are, in their own words, “consumers as much as industry insiders”, VXX Co-operative is an interpretation of the collective efforts of various international industry leaders (in coffee, food, service, design, etc), culminating in a quality- and service-focused space.

Our Coffees

The curated list of roasted coffees includes local favourites Nylon Coffee Roasters, Cloud Catcher Roastery (Malaysia), Koppi (Sweden) and Tim Wendelboe (Norway). These roasters have an underlying similarity: their literal pursuit of high-quality green coffees, which reflects our belief of building, sustaining and improving relationships. We strive to effect a change in the producer and consumer relationship by brewing and serving delicious coffees, in the most open and welcoming manner possible.

Our Food

Our approach is simple; we believe the setting will determine the style, not the quality. With a seasonal menu, guests can expect a fresh experience every 3-4 months. At VXX, we enjoy the real and intimate relationship that we have with our food and we are excited to share the experience with our guests.